Disney Obsession: Disney Kitchen Sets from BoxLunch

There is nothing better than some Disney home decor and BoxLunch is one of the best places to find cute Disney finds! Our latest Disney obsession are these Disney Kitchen Sets from BoxLunch featuring everything from Aristocats to Winnie the Pooh.

Each Disney Kitchen set comes with a oven mitt, pot holder and a kitchen towel! Best part is that they are only $20!

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Disney Alice in Wonderland Cheshire Cat Kitchen Set

Bake wonderful treats for your next Wonderland tea party with this Disney kitchen set! The Cheshire Cat offers his trademark smile on the oven mitt, and Alice gathers flowers on the pot holder. The White Rabbit rushes to his next event on the towel, so don’t slow him down!

Disney Princess Castle Kitchen Set

Whip up a royal feast with this Disney Princess kitchen set! Tiana, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Mulan, Ariel, Jasmine, and Merida appear on the oven mitt and towel. The pot holder features a pretty floral design, perfect for safely taking your cakes, cookies, and more out of the oven.

Disney Pixar Ratatouille Anyone Can Cook Kitchen Set

Feel like a real French chef, with a rodential twist, using this kitchen set inspired by Pixar’s Ratatouille! Remy appears on the oven mitt and pot holder along with culinary imagery, such as wine bottles, soup bowls, pans, spoons, and more! Also includes a kitchen towel.

Disney One Hundred and One Dalmatians Kitchen Set

Bring all the puppies you can into the kitchen with this One Hundred and One Dalmatian kitchen set! Features an oven mitt, a kitchen towel, and pot holder all covered with the adorable Disney dogs.

Disney The Aristocats Marie with Macarons Kitchen Set

Looking to whip up a batch of Macarons? Marie’s got you covered! The adorable kitten from Disney’s The Aristocats has her own batch of colorful cookies on this beautiful kitchen set! She takes center stage on the pot holder, playfully poses with cookies on the towel, and joins her brothers in a kitty pile on the oven glove.

Disney Winnie the Pooh I’ve Found Somebody Kitchen Set

Whatever you’re making, make sure to make enough for Piglet and Pooh, too! The two Disney pals appear on the pot holder of this Winnie the Pooh kitchen set, while Pooh takes center stage, with some flowers, on the kitchen towel and oven mitt. 

Disney Pixar Luca Scenic Portorosso Kitchen Set

Decorate your kitchen with a touch of Portorosso beauty inspired by Disney•Pixar’s Luca! Featuring buildings from the movie’s seaside town setting on the Italian Riviera, this 3-piece kitchen set includes a towel, oven mitt, and pot holder. Silhouettes of Luca, Alberto, and Giulia are featured on all three, ready to help you on all of your culinary adventures in the kitchen.

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