Disney Obsession: Disney “Sketchbook” Christmas Ornaments

Fall is in full swing in Disney Merchandise land and we see new Halloween releases every single day! But of course we can forget about Christmas being just around the corner as well! My Disney Obsession of the day is this new release of Disney’s “Sketchbook” Christmas ornaments.

A couple of weeks ago ShopDisney launched this years Sketchbook ornament collection but its very common for new ornaments to continue being released each month all the way until December.

This release features coveted pieces such as the Cinderella Pink ornament dress and the very popular Lady and the Tramp ornament! Both are definitely ending up on my Christmas tree!

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The Rescuers Down Under Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 30th Anniversary

Rescue Aid Society agents Miss Bianca and Bernard sit down to an elegant holiday celebration in honor of the 30th Anniversary of their appearance in The Rescuers Down Under. Share a toast with the courageous couple as this Legacy ornament charms friends and family alike.

Lady and the Tramp Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 65th Anniversary

”When the baby moves in, the dog moves out…” to your holiday tree, that is. Our Lady and the Tramp Legacy ornament recreates the tender moment when a pampered pup discovers the new arrival in the household. Celebrating the 65th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s classic film, it’s a visual lullabye.

Pinocchio Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 80th Anniversary

Makes no difference who you are, you’ll wish for our Legacy ornament celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Walt Disney’s animated masterpiece Pinocchio. It’s a dream come true with Geppetto’s ”little woodenhead” and pet Figaro before a detailed workshop backdrop.

Lilo & Stitch Singing Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament

Hang ten for a ”Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride” with Lilo, Stitch, and Nani as they catch a wave through the holiday season on this tuneful Sketchbook ornament for your family tree.

Dumbo Sketchbook Ornament

May we direct your attention high in the family tree where our Dumbo ornament soars through the holiday season. The baby elephant with oversize ears more than proves his worth as an adorable decoration!

Ursula and Ariel Singing Living Magic Sketchbook Ornament

Only poor unfortunate souls will opt out on this Ursula and Ariel singing ornament. Press the button to hear our delightful diva from The Little Mermaid sing her signature tune.

Pocahontas Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 25th Anniversary

Accompanied by John Smith, our Pocahontas Legacy ornament evokes all the colors of the wind. Share the spirit of the changing seasons with this commemorative 25th Anniversary release displayed high in your holiday tree.

The Three Caballeros Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 75th Anniversary

These birds-of-a-feather bring a festive fiesta to your holiday tree with a fully sculpted Sketchbook ornament. Join Donald, José, and Panchito for a colorful celebration of their 75th Anniversary as The Three Caballeros (…in snappy sombreros).

Cinderella Legacy Sketchbook Ornament – 70th Anniversary

Showcasing ”Cinderelly’s” hand-me-down gown as madeover by her little friends, the mice and birds, our 70th Anniversary Legacy ornament suggests the dreams that you wish can come true. Dress your holiday tree with this classic Disney design.

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