Disney Obsession: Disney Pet Treats from Hot Topic

There is nothing we love more than spoiling our pets with Disney merchandise and luckily Hot Topic just released a new Disney Treats collection for both Disney Dogs and Cats. These healthy treats are all natural AND made in the USA, so how can they not be our latest Disney Obsession?

Disney DogEatz Treats are a healthy treat that pets will love and you will love giving! They are all natural, USA made in USA packaging. Our soy free, gluten free treats help to maintain clean teeth and healthy gums due to it’s unique nubbed design and chewy texture.

Disney Mickey Mouse 2 Pack Dog Dental Treats
Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 and Disney Mickey Mouse 2 pack Dog Dental Treats
Disney The Lion King 3 Pack Tartar Control Cat Treats
Disney Mickey Mouse and The Nightmare Before Christmas 2 Pack Dog Dental Treats

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